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Equina Keragard

Equina Keragard

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For optimal coat and hoof health. Our hoof and coat supplement contains essential nutrients like biotin, zinc, manganese, sulfurous amino acids, organic sulfur, and vitamin B complex to promote stable and regulated hoof horn development. Maintaining healthy hoof growth and preventing lameness is crucial for your horse’s well-being. Our fluid supplement is designed to provide your horse with the necessary nutrients to prevent hoof horn cracks and dryness. Invest in your horse’s hoof health today!
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Keragard Nutrient Information

Hoof horn growth is a slow process. The horn grows around a third of an inch (.3) per month. Therefore, daily administration is important!

Feeding Recommendations:

Administer 10 ml daily, which provides you with a 100 day supply. Serving based on average horse weight of 1000 lbs. 

Nutrient Benefits:

Ingredient Supports
Biotin For quality elastic hoof horn
Zinc Promotes strength and durability of hoof horn
Amino Acids Supports keratin generation
Organic Sulphur Supports keratin generation
Vitamin B complex Optimal metabolism of nutrients
Manganese Optimal metabolism of nutrients
Zinc/Manganese Promotes good retention of nutrients in the body


 Nutrient Analysis per kg:

Nutrient Per kg
Biotin 1,500,000 mcg
Zinc 10,000 mg
Manganese 6,500 mg
l-lysine 18,000 mg
dl-methionine 4,000 mg
Vitamin B1 200 mg
Vitamin B2 150 mg
Vitamin B6 150 mg
Vitamin B12 10,000 mcg
Nicotinic Acid 3,000 mg
Pantothenic Acid 9,600 mg


Nutrient Analysis per kg:

Nutrient Per kg
Crude Protein 1.90%
Crude Fat 0.00%
Crude Fiber 0.00%
Crude Ash 3.25%
Moisture 49.15%
Sodium  0.15%
Lysine 0.20%
Methionine 0.05%

Keragard Ingredients

Water, glucose, sugar, calcium D pantothenate, zinc chloride monohydrate, zinc chelate of amino acid hydrate, nicotinamide, manganese