Equina USA Mission

At Equina USA, we believe that every horse deserves the best care and attention. That's why we offer a custom approach to horse nutrition, ensuring that each horse receives the specific support it needs. The products are simple, potent ingredients, and what is on the label goes into the horse. Our process creates a product that ensures high absorption without stabilizers, fillers, or preservatives.

We continuously strive to improve our products and develop innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of horses. We work closely with veterinarians, nutritionists, and horse owners to ensure that our supplements are of the highest quality and deliver optimal results.

Equina USA is more than just a supplement; we are a community of horse lovers who share a passion for the wellbeing of these magnificent animals. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to our valued customers. Whether you are a professional rider, a horse enthusiast, or a caring owner, we are here to help you make informed decisions about your horse's nutrition.

Thank you for choosing Equina USA as your trusted partner in horse nutrition. Together, let's give our horses the care they deserve.

  - Equina USA