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Equina Haemoxil

Equina Haemoxil

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Are you looking for a supplement to help your horse perform at its best while supporting its overall health? Look no further than Equina Haemoxil! This potent formula helps improve your horse's performance, promotes a healthy appetite, supports blood formation, and aids in recovery.

Studies have shown that Equina Haemoxil can positively affect the formation of red blood cells in horses with anemia. Plus, it can help keep your horse healthy during worming treatments, vaccinations, and stable changes.

Give your equine companion the gift of vitality with Equina Haemoxil. This potent formula is a blood builder that replenishes trace minerals, providing your horse with essential energy and the tools it needs to perform at its best. Don't wait - try Equina Haemoxil today!

Use with Sport Horses

Equina Haemoxil is the ultimate performance booster working to activate and stabilize your horses performance. With its unique blend of ingredients, it enhances motivation and provides protection against performance declines during high training and competition loads. Don't let performance decline hold you back, try Equina Haemoxil today and see the difference it can make in your performance.

Use with Broodmares

It is important for broodmares to have a diet rich in trace elements during pregnancy since these elements are shared with the fetus during this phase. A deficiency in trace elements can have negative effects on both the mare, such as poor health and reduced intake rate during the next breeding, and the foal, such as underdevelopment and limb misalignment.

Use with Foals

Birth and the first days of life are always a critical and decisive phase for the foal. To get off to a good start, the foal must take in enough mother's milk as early as possible in order to receive enough immunoglobulins and antibodies. Breast milk is often not enough for initial care. Particularly weak, premature, underweight foals, twins and foals from difficult births are dependent on additional nutrients.

EQUINA Haemoxil activates vitality, especially shortly after birth, promotes movement and skeletal development.

Use with Stallions

Boost your stallions breeding performance with ease during the breeding season. Our product is designed to activate and maintain a healthy libido, improve sperm count, and support breeding performance. 
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Haemoxil Nutrient Information

Feeding recommendations:

Administer 20ml daily. Based on the average weight of a 1000lbs horse, this would be a 50-day supply.

Key Ingredients:

Ingredient Supports
Trace elements Copper, Iron, Zinc, Cobalt Essential for overall well-being
Vitamin B Complex Helps to utilize all nutrients
Vitamin K Bone metabolism and clotting


Nutrients per dose:

Nutrient Per Serving
Copper 8 mg
Zinc 120 mg
Iron 100 mg
Cobalt 0.3 mg
Sodium 70 mg
Vitamin K3 6 mg 
Vitamin B1 34 mg
Vitamin B2 23 mg
Vitamin B6 22 mg
Vitamin B12 0.34 mg
Vitamin B5 21 mg
Vitamin B3 21 mg
Vitamin B9 22 mg