Quality standard of our partner and producer MIAVIT

Equina USA is the exclusive distributor of Equina products. Founded in 1981 in Germany, Equina has tirelessly strived to find formulas that would help horses with their unique individual needs and adhere to strict German production standards. Their standards are exceptional, and are proudly passed to your horse.

Product safety right from the start

We partner with Miavit to source, produce, and package our products. This approach guarantees the highest quality nutrients with material traceability and production standards.

Consistent quality management is more than just an official seal for us. We are conscious of our role as an important member in the processing chain and want to continue contributing to this by strengthening the high level of consumer trust.

Our quality management runs through the entire manufacturing process, from formulation creation to buying of raw materials, receipt and storage of incoming raw materials, right through to production and dispatch. A preventative risk assessment of our production chain is performed through our HACCP concept, so that possibly risks can be prevented or minimized in advance.

We are happy to invest in quality

High quality today means also high security for our customers. For this reason, we are happy to invest in quality.

How is product quality ensured at MIAVIT?

  • Analytical monitoring: Annually over 12,000 analyses, of which 10,000 are tested in our own laboratory. This costs Equina over 300,000 dollars a year.
  • 100 % traceability: Our barcode system guarantees 100 % traceability within the shortest space of time. This is regularly checked using our established MIAVIT early warning system.
  • Separate mixing lines: A total of seven independent mixing lines guarantee the highest level of product purity. A precise production batch record guarantees monitors for any carry over.
  • Further training of employees: We ensure that our employees regularly take part in further and advanced training. The training quota at MIAVIT is far above the German average.
  • Supplier management: Continuous supplier assessment and auditing, intensive approval processes for new raw materials and suppliers, regular raw material risk analyses by a MIAVIT “expert workgroup”.
  • Formulation development: Controlled, documented development of MIAVIT special products and highest quality assurance, among others through dual-review in the customer’s own formulation development.
  • Audits: All QM measures are checked every year through numerous audits. The organization and realization of customer audits and the corresponding certification audits are an important component of the MIAVIT QM system verification.
  • Complaint processing: Every customer complaint is checked and processed precisely. Through statistical evaluation of all the complaints, appropriate corrective measures are developed to prevent and reduce errors.


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