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Equina Energy Xpro

Equina Energy Xpro

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This liquid supplementary feed for horses is excellent for quick regeneration and high-performance requirements, with carnitine concentrate, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, essential amino acids, and trace elements (as active2)

This is great for times of high physical stress, such as training for competition or after convalescence. Providing them with a distinct supply of these essential nutrients can help restore their energy and help them perform at their best.

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Equina Energy Xpro Information

Equina ENERGY Xpro consists of high-quality nutrients that can be quickly absorbed and utilized by the organism thanks to their liquid formulation. 

This bottle contains 10 applications for an average 1000 lbs horse, and can be given by the oral syringe or with food.

Feeding Instructions:

For average horses weighing 1000 lbs:
  • Before/during special stressful situations such as transport, competition etc. receive:
    • 20 ml/day. It is recommended to give the dose 2 hours beforehand.
  • For regeneration after illnesses:
    • 20 ml / 2-3 times per week
Medium and small horse breeds:
  • Half the above ration

 Nutrient Benefits:

Nutrient Supports
Carnitine Energy, metabolism and its absorption by the horse
Vitamin E Provides relaxation to support muscle cell protection against damaging free radicals.
Vitamin B complex Energy production (nicotinic acid), promoting energy metabolism (vitamin B1-B12), supporting the vitamin E effect (inositol).
Magnesium Supports muscle and joint metabolism, to avoid muscle cramps and tension
Amino acids Muscle building and joint protection (methionine and lysine)
Trace elements  Oxygenation of the muscles (iron), strengthening of the immune system (zinc)


 Nutrient Analysis per dose:

 Nutrient Per dose
Magnesium .6 mg
Vitamin E 2222 IU
Vitamin B2 11 mg
Vitamin B6 4 mg
Vitamin B12 0.9 mg
Nicotintic acid amide 16 mg
Pantothenic acid 8 mg
Carnitin 12 mg
Inositol 4 mg
Choline chloride 13 mg
Iron 25 mg
Zinc 25 mg
Methionine 6 mg
L-Lysine  1 mg