Strong Foundations: Meganutril

Meganutril is the basic daily supply for horse of all ages. It is a premium organic mineral supplement, that includes amin acids, trace elements, as well as yeast and highly nutritious algae.

We offer it in three formulas:

  • Meganutril Junior - for horses under the age of 7 months
  • Meganutril - for horse over the age of 7 months, that do not live in a selenium deficient area.
  • Meganutril Ultra - this formula includes selenium for those regions where selenium is not present in daily forage.

Meganutril Junior 

This serves as a foundation for healthy development of foals. The first 6 months of a foals life is growth, and this is vital for future development. It supports a healthy development and aides in the bone, tendon, ligament, and joints. 


Provides complete daily care and creates an optimal platform for a healthy horse and promotes exceptional performance. This supplement balances the deficits that occur naturally using normal basic feed such as grain and hay. This is for horses over 7 months of age. This formula is designed for regions where selenium is not deficient.

Meganutril Ultra 

This formula offers the same great foundation that Meganutril does, but includes Selenium for those regions where the forage is Selenium deficient.

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