Rebecca Black, Professional Rider, Trainer and Barn Owner

My clients and I have been using the Equina line of products for several years, and have been extremely happy with the results. We have had great success with Myofortil adding muscle mass, fitness and endurance to our dressage horses. Keragard has been very helpful with coats and skin issues, as well as improving hoof quality. The Meganutril mineral supplement provides an excellent support for our equine athletes! We will continue to use the Equina line, tailoring the needs of each horse with this excellent array of supplements.
-Rebecca Black

Jessica Wisdom, Professional Rider

I have been feeding Equina since 2016 and the horses have consistently shown a marked response to each product…I love the REPAX – gives the most sensitive horses a quiet confident ability to face the stresses of the show environment and helps in the daily training as they seem to think through new challenges more easily. Haemoxil has repeatedly helped me nurse horses that come to the barn in poor condition into fantastic health and fitness in half the time.  -Jessica Wisdom

Jala Neufeld, Rider and Tevis finisher

I started using Myfortil a few months before Tevis. During Tevis I noticed faster recoveries overall through out the race. We finished and she looked GREAT!

- Jala Neufeld

Riley Harper and KG Cash

As a 5-year-old, and just 6 months into his race career, KG Cash (Festus) was diagnosed with exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage. After a round of antibiotics and several months off, he was back in the barrel pen and running on Lasix. While Lasix controlled the bleeding, Festus was still anxious at the trailer, in the warm-up, and at the gate. In February of 2021 I started using Equina products. Adding Equina supplements is the only change I’ve made to his feeding and exercise regimen. Festus gets Meganutril Ultra and Myofortil, but the game changer has been Haemoxil. Since adding Haemoxil on race days, Festus stands quietly at the trailer, warms up like a champ, walks flat footed in and out of the arena, and consistently lays down winning runs. The credit goes to Haemoxil and the Equina line of supplements. – Riley Harper

Hannah Knaebel, Owner and Horse Professional

It can be confusing to weed through the ‘latest and greatest’ offerings in horse supplements. With the complete Equina line of nutritional support, I know my horses are getting clean, quality ingredients; free from fillers and properly balanced. I have seen a huge difference in our horses since adding the Equina products to their nutrition plan. I really appreciate the need-specific solutions such as Myofortil Ultra and Keragard. The horses have had markedly better hoof growth, as well as improved attention and performance since bringing those two products on board. No other supplement has been able to produce such a real improvement; Equina has my 110% endorsement!
– Hannah Knaebel

Aneka 's Helping Keep her Herd Healthy

Since starting all of my horses on Equina products, i can say that they have never looked and felt so good before. I give them Meganutril Ultra, which has improved their coat and overall appearance greatly, as well as Artisol for their joints, Myofortil Ultra for muscles/backs, and Keragard for their feet. My mare has had some Vitamin E/Selenium levels be off in the past, on top of recently finding out she has some pretty severe kissing spine; though she is not in work anymore, having her on these supplements keep her happy and out of pain, where I could usually see that pain showing in her actions and general anxious type demeanor. My geldings are both retired polo horses, one of which has always had some swayback that’s never bothered him – having him on Myofortil Ultra i can honestly say I noticed his topline fill out a bit even though we mainly stick to trails now. My horses are happy and healthy thanks to Equina USA.
– Aneka Montello

Claudia and her Super Senior Gelding Diamond

Diamond is a 28 year old young Arab and he has been my partner for nearly 22 years. He loves his trail rides and he loves getting all the attention. Dr. Sarah Perkins has looked after him for many years now and the care he receives from her and her team is outstanding. I know he is in good hands when he just needs a check up as well as when he has health problems. Dr. Sarah always has good advise when I have questions about how to keep my senior in good health. Diamond always had some issues with allergies in the spring and summer, he has chronic dry eyes, and he has Cushings. Over the last couple of years he started to have dental problems and he lost a few teeth. Previously we took care of all his ailments with prescription meds and over the counter products. Dr. Sarah recommended Immunopro about 1 1/2 years ago and it really helps Diamond to be his best. I wish I had known about this product when he was young. His allergies are so much better, no runny nose, itchy skin, swollen eyes. It took care of the infections and inflammation in his mouth affecting his teeth. He has more energy and I still use prescriptions for the cushings and chronic dry eye, but there is a big difference in how he feels overall. I just started using Keragard to keep his feet and coat healthy and I am looking into adding Artisol to my supplements for his joints. I am telling everyone about Equina products because I really believe that if you start a young horse on these supplements a lot of problems can be prevented.
-Claudia Burns

Cari, Owner and Horse Professional

This is the only supplement program where I’ve noticed a difference aside from Dynamite. I have really noticed a difference in Martini’s recovery time. Stamina when other horses around her are very sweaty and breathless. Her mane and tail are also growing like weeds!
-Cari Dinelt

Cynthia and her Active Senior Mare

I wanted a supplement that had simple clean ingredients that wouldn't interfere with her specifically balanced diet. It has made an amazing difference, in the continued athleticism of my [29-year-old] mare! I would recommend Haemoxil for any horse suffering from lack of energy, thrifitness, or in recovery from illness. My horse has a shiny coat, is perky, happy and completes her workouts with ease and she absolutely loves the taste!
-Cynthia Whaley