Artisol Nutrients

Feeding Recommendations:

Administer 30g daily, this can be a 30 to 50-day supply, depending on the dosage. 

Nutrient Benefits:

Ingredients Supports
Green lip mussel For building and regenerating connective tissue and healthy bone tissue. With a high content of valuable glucosamines and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Vitamin C (ProCell C) As cell protection for the musculoskeletal system and to build collagen. Specific vitamin C that is pH neutral and with high efficiency.
Manganese, copper, zinc To strengthen and strengthen collagen, build connective tissue and stable connective and bone tissue. 

Nutrient Analysis 

 Nutrient Per serving
Copper 19.95 mg
Zinc 69.9 mg
Manganese 49.95 mg
Green lipped mussel 54 mg
Milk Protein 3 mg
Vitamin C as ProCell C 15 mg