Cellulitis, mud fever, and dampness - oh my!...How Equina Immunopro helps horses beat these pesky situations.

Cellulitis, mud fever, and dampness - oh my!...How Equina Immunopro helps horses beat these pesky situations.

It is spring, there is lots of rain and dampness, which means bacteria and fungus everywhere. Horses by nature are animals who move – they play, roll, and kick.
Sometimes this results in scrapes, cuts, and random scabs on their legs.

Sometimes these random abrasions go away on their own, and sometimes they evolve into more. I created a video a few years ago, talking about how to treat mud fever. In that video I talk about my approach, and how Equina USA Immunopro can help support the horse as they heal. 

The story below is my own personal experience with Equina Immunopro and how it helped my mare. 

Suspected chronic cellulitis.

Recently in my own barn, I pulled out one of my mares and noticed that her back leg was starting to swell and get hot. This particular mare had a similar episode over a year ago, so I was beginning to think this could be a case of chronic cellulitis. After I examined her, I suspected bacterial infection.

Approach to treatment.

For this episode, my first approach was a standard SMZ and bute for a week.  While observing this over the next week, I noticed that the leg did not improve. It remained swollen, and hot, which isn’t a great sign.

After the first approach didn’t work, I then administered Gentamicih along with a small dose of steroids. The goal again was to reduce the swelling and the pressure within the leg and reduce the cellulitis that was developing.

When bacteria enter the system, sometimes the immune response is not enough to help prevent the bacteria from growing into a larger problem. As an experienced and practicing vet, I have access to lots of medications. However, sometimes that approach doesn’t always work in the way that I trained. At the cellular level, mammals are a complex system of cells and chemical reactions. Which means that sometimes a simpler approach can yield better results.

Equina USA Immunopro benefits

I decided to give my mare a 30-day supply of the Equina USA Immunopro. This product is designed to boost the immune system. It has Beta Glucan that helps to stimulate macrophages to fight infection, the Vitamin E and Vitamin C (Procell C) along with copper work to protect cells from damage. The algae provide Omega 3 fatty acids, and the zinc wors to strengthen and revitalize the immune cells in the body. In essence, these nutrients are the pep rally leaders that gather and strengthen the immune system to fight the invading infection.

Why I love this stuff

After the previous failed attempts to treat the cellulitis, I provided my mare an Equina USA Immunopro daily dose of 20 grams. Within 5 days of starting this, the leg was tight and cool. My hope is that her immune system is boosted enough that she can continue to fight off situations like this. However, if it does come up again, I will continue to confidently reach for the Immunopro first the next time around.

Dr. Sara's Mare working again in muddy conditions after using Equina Immunopro

In closing

I have seen many things over the years, and what I can tell you is that when a traditional approach doesn’t work out, I need to have another approach in my back pocket. Equina USA Immunopro will be prominent in my pocket going forward. I am happy to field any questions you might have about my experience.  Please feel free to reach out!

  • Sara Perkins, DVM

Remember, your horse depends on you to be their voice; always consult your local veterinarian when needed!

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